Monday, August 4, 2014

All these months!

You must be wondering what I have been upto all these months when I have not been blogging on a consistent basis. Had I forgotten about this little blog of mine? Certainly not! Had I given up on living it up? Certainly not! Had I ever considered shutting down this blog once and for all? Most certainly not!!!

There were handful of occasions when I thought while going to sleep that tomorrow is the day that I start blogging again, but it never really felt like a good time. I don't know yet what direction this blog would be taking in coming months, but today is the day that I am taking the plunge! You will come with me on this ride, won't you!?

I have fished out some random pictures from my phone and Facebook account so that even if you are an old reader or a new visitor to this site, you get a sort of a glimpse into what's been happening around these parts. Enjoy!

Some afternoons look like this

Somewhere along US101 while driving to San Francisco

Completed my first triangular shawl

Cozy winter evenings inside when it's too dark to do anything

Ice-skating : Nailed it!

My sister got married and I got all dressed up!

Fun early morning at Lodi Gardens, Delhi. (I should do a separate post on this)

Stayed in a tree house near Jaipur

My best friend visited me from India and we watched shirtless guys play ball!

Those snow covered mountain peaks you keep seeing surrounding Seattle? We went there! (Olympic National Park)

Husband introduced me to Lindsey Stirling and I became a fan!

Our friends invited us for dinner and had mangoes all cut and ready to devour!

Spring sunsets are the most beautiful!

My husband became a 'Doctor of Philosophy'!

Enjoying summer while it lasts!

I am aiming to get back to blogging thrice a week and would really like our feedback about what you want to see more of? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, how-to's? 

Comment away for it's a brand new day!!


Unpublished Life said...

Welcome back to blogging! After my 6-ish month hiatus I am slowly making my way back to it too - it's just difficult when you start to lose focus, and life just gets busy.

My whole over-arching question is: "What's the point?"

Write what you love and it will shine through your blog! Can't wait to see what your wee blog has in store:)

vaidehi said...

Welcome back.I am really looking forward for your blog posts.

In the Blue said...

Yay for coming back! I just posted a new post of my blog today too after a long hiatus! Good to see your pictures and the amazing little memories you've had in the past months! I like lifestyle posts a lot so do those :)