Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4 : 11 weeks

11 weeks and its a full blown love affair happening in our parts. Samvit now spots me from afar and gives the widest smile his little lips can conjure, sometimes a little crooked just like his heart stops right then and there!

Friday, February 27, 2015

What has become of this blog!?

Are you also thinking what I think you are thinking!? I think what you are thinking is that Maneet suddenly goes off blogosphere without a warning or explanation, makes couple of failed attempts to get back to it, loses all contact with fellow bloggers, leaves everything hanging in between. Now, out of the blue she comes back again with a brand new baby and has started blogging again! 

I wouldn't say that I was in a dark place for major part of 2013, and I definitely wasn't unhappy or sad. It wasn't as if I didn't have creative ideas I wanted to pursue or I wasn't living up my life. But there was certainly something that tainted the glasses with which I was viewing life. Maybe some day I would find the courage to open up about it, find the correct words and let it all out in the cyber webs. That day is not today.

So, what changed now? For me, blogging has always been a means to record every day events that I want to remember, things I want to share with the world. And, that has not changed in the wee bit. In fact, now I have this sudden and unstoppable need to document every little thing, every new development of this little human being that I call my baby. Even if I barely have time to wash my hair, I feel like I will be missing out if I don't document it. For my own sake, if not anything else. 

Will this become a mommy blog now, you ask!? Well, as always I don't know. I have never tried to categorize it earlier and same holds true now. 

As a new mommy, I am trying to take each day at a time. Similarly, I will leave this blog to the same fate and see where it will take me! 

Hope you will continue to come along!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25 : 10 weeks

At 10 weeks, Samvit is all about laughing and cooing these days. He has started looking at bright colored toys now and tries to grab them when dangled in front of him. His naps have reduced to short cat naps which hardly give any time to have a shower somedays...but it's all ok!

This guy is growing by the text book..and it is just way too fast for his lovesick mamma!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Februray 18 : 9 weeks

Samvit is 9 weeks today and all I can say is I am in love! In love with those big black eyes that have really started communicating with me. He holds my gaze now and makes these cooing sounds which I am sure are saying, 'I am your biggest fan, mamma!'

Well...I am yours too, my baby boy!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

This valentine's day...

As I sit in middle of the night, feeding our baby, typing out some words on my mobile so I could just copy and paste it in the morning; I am trying to find some words, any words that would come to me. Words to tell you how much I love you, how much more I love you since we had our baby together. I don't think there are enough words out there to help this hormonal, sleep deprived, emotional-at-the-drop-of-the-hat mamma to do that. Just so I don't contaminate our baby's milk with my tears (try imagining that!), I will keep it simple this year...

I love you, Samvit's papa! 

Friday, February 13, 2015


Sometimes I wake up with my dadi's cough even when it comes from another room with the doors closed! But sometimes I will just keep on changing positions and nothing in the world could stir me up...just like my papa!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 11 : 8 weeks

Samvit is 8 weeks today and I am absolutely loving this stage. ( I am sure I will say this every week but its true). He has started to recognize me more and more. I knew he could sense my nearness or lack of it even when he was 3 or 4 weeks. Whenever I would leave the room, he would stir up a bit or start getting restless in sleep. But this week I am sure he recognizes my voice and knows when I hold him. He would start settling down as soon as he would hear my voice and sometimes only wants his mamma to rock him to sleep. It sounds selfish but I just love it when it happens. :) Even though he became a little more clingy after he got his shots this week, I am absolutely loving feeling the weight of his little body on my chest, breathing in that new born smell and sneaking kisses on his neck much more than required. I couldn't be more in love!